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Chicken Biryani - Slow Cooker Recipe

This has gone on to become a favorite dish not just at our table at home, but also ‘The’ dish I am asked to bring to pot lucks and get-togethers. I make this often when we have company and love the process as much as the end result. As with everything else that I cook in my kitchen, the recipe is, a method in progress. I always alter/substitute, look for short cuts to make everything faster and easier. The recipe below is a result of multiple trials and errors on my end. It is a coming together of many a critical correction. Here's hoping you will use this as YOUR template to create your own signature Chicken Biryani. PS: At the very bottom of this post is a complete list of Ingredients. For ease, I am going to break down the process into 3 main parts. Part 1: The Chicken Bone-in Chicken  about 2 lb. 4 tbsp Yogurt 4 tbsp Lime juice 2 tbsp of powdered spices (red chili, cumin, coriander, turmeric, biryani masala) 2 tbsp worth of whole spices (Cinnamon, carda

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