Friday, June 29, 2012

Cabbage Ambado - Deep fried cabbage fritters/ patties

Don't remember when I ate this for the first time nor when I fell in love with it!
Just remember it as a spicy side to delicious traditional meals at lunchtime!
Also let it go down here that it is one of those few things I actually tried in my own kitchen ASAP.

So like already said, it is a spicy side at traditional Konkani lunches, but in true Hegde fashion, we eat it as snack, meal, side , appetizer.....

Here's what went into making this batch:
1/2 cup toor dal ( split pigeon peas)
1/2 cup rice
5 red dry chillies- roasted
1 tspn tamarind paste
2 cups cabbage- finely chopped
1/2 cup onions- finely chopped
2 tbspn coriander leaves ( cilantro) - chopped fine
2 sprigs curry leaves - shredded and chopped fine
1 tbspn dry coconut ( khopra/ khobri) - chopped fine - optional.
1 tspn black pepper - ground
Salt to taste
Oil for deep frying

How it was made:
Soak the rice and dal for 3 hours.
Grind with the tamarind paste and red chillies, adding as little or no water into a dry batter.
Add the chopped cabbage, onions, cilantro, curry leaves, dry coconut, ground pepper and salt.Mix.
Heat oil in frying pan. Make small balls of the batter with wet fingers. Pat gently to flatten slightly into patties.
Deep fry until golden brown.
Serve hot.

P.S: Read about the curry leaves mentioned in this recipe in my post here.

I have learnt that the batter can be refrigerated for a couple days in an airtight container! Ideally bring back to room temperature before frying!
If you are feeling really health conscious, and want to skip the oil, try the batter on the griddle , dosa ( Indian crepe pancakes) style. See my recipe for Sanna Polo here.

So tell me, will you try this recipe?
Would you vary it to suit your taste?
Here's how I did a similar version with collard greens- get my recipe for Taikile Dangara here!

So any which way you do yours, stay tuned!
Until another culinary muse, Bon Appetite.

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