In my pantry....Spices, Sauces, Mixes and more .

Over the years I have come a long way in my culinary journey. Both literally and figuratively.
And one of the things that has changed in my cooking, has been the variety of spices.While I have never really let go of any one I have used, I have since added a few to my daily cooking.
Here is an attempt to try and list most of what I use. I can think of a few more I dont stock.Cause of unavailability or purely cause I dont use them as often.
This will updated everytime my shelf finds a new bottle, But feel free to write on my Facebook wall if you feel I have missed a key spice.
Also have tried and made a rough categorising based on Indian and continental spices.
A few I know can make a cut in either list and some in neither, but have used a laymans way, by considering what I knew before I started actively dabbling in continental cuisine and after.
Hope this serves as a yardstick for everyone who clicks this page!
Indian Spices in my pantry:

Indian Spice mixes I stock up on:

Continental spices I have incorporated in daily cooking:
Mint- dreid
Pumpkin spice
Chilli flakes
Ginger powdered
Continental spice mixes on my shelf:
•Garlic powder mix
•Cajun seasoning mix

Sauces and dressings:
•Soya sauce
•Hot and sour sauce
•Chilli garlic sauce
•Pasta sauce
•Ranch dressing
•Steak sauce
What Spice secrets does your kitchen hold?

Let me know. Bon Appetite.
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  1. Shama Panandikar VardeAugust 30, 2012 at 12:32 AM

    Heh Jyo!
    Grt work girl!
    2 add ons fm my spice rack!
    ~ Zatar(Arab herb mix) n garlic salt
    Makes cooking easier for me!