Tuesday, October 18, 2011

eating... Sushi.

I may actually start to like this sushi thing, I think.
This past weekend 'G' n I planned a sushi lunch.
I used to be a food conservative. Going with the safe, the familiar.
Then.... I got married to a man who absolutely adores experimenting with his palate and incidentally encourages me to push mine.
But that is a 11 yr old ongoing saga.

Sushi happened to me about 2-3 yrs back at a Thai restaurant. 'G' was familiar with it due to his long ago, long stint, in south east Asia;- Malaysia n Singapore.
For me being a non sea food eater the whole raw fare was a big no-no. The conservative still makes little peeks even after all these years!

But slowly I started pecking at the vegetarian rolls on 'G's plate! Hmmmm... I could do this I thought.
Slowly we found our favourite Asian fusion place ' miyos' offered vegetarian sushi choices. So it went.

Until this weekend, when we planned to do sushi at ' fusion bowl' another of our fav haunts.
'E' has learnt to peck at the veg offering on my plate. 'R' stands firm that the sprinkle roll ( the rice on the roll looks like white sprinkles to her) is 'food not made'( raw food!?).
So while I relished a whole serving of mixed vegetable rolls, 'G' ordered a combo of Boston rolls and California rolls.

'G' ordered a side of squid salad while I relished a salad bowl of sea weed. Yummy!

The vegetable roll had the cucumbers, avocado and asparagus. The Boston roll had salmon, cream cheese with cucumber. The California roll packed in it crab, cucumber and asparagus.

All served with the pungent wasabi and thin sliced fresh ginger!
Have learnt to relish the wasabi, mixed with soya sauce to dip the rolls.

Oh n by the way 'R' n 'E' enjoyed thier own 'made food' with bowls of Misp soup.
And so it goes.In our future I thus see many a happy sushi meals.

Tell me how you do yours.
Until next time, Bon Appetite.


  1. Great going...I still have no luck with Sushi and have not yet been able to over come the mental blockade.The last 2 tryst with sushi has been a disaster for me and I am sad about it.Any tips on how I can make it a better experience,I dont tend to use any dipping sauce so any advice there will be help ful-ammu

  2. amrutha,if u eat sea food then it should be super easy.but i suggest start with the veg only rolls.they r yummy just like that. but mix a lil wasabi with soya sauce n the dipping gets yummier! try it.go v v easy on the wasabi.n work ur way up! bon appetite.

  3. i looveeee sushi. used to be my lunch staple in the US. miss good sushi in india. Jyo, love your blog and the yummy pictures. Keep it up girlie...i wish i had somehow made it to your place before i left so i could have been pampered.