Sunday, October 2, 2011

Kale and Mango salad.

Heh Look! This recipe of mine won an award for 'salads' on the ticklish taste buds!

A super healthy and tasty salad would be this!
And its super easy to make too!

What I put into it:
1/2 a bunch of kale- destemmed and chopped fine
1 half-ripe mango (sweet and tangy to boot)
1 cup roasted walnuts-chopped

For the dressing:
2 tbspns olive oil
2 tbspns lime juice
2 tbspns honey

salt to taste.
How I do did:
In a large salad bowl, mix the mango and kale.
Toss together the dressing on top.
Garnish with the nuts. And add salt to taste.
Refrigerate and serve cold.

You can substitute the walnuts for roasted sun flower seeds, pumpkin seeds or even watermelon seeds.
Would love to try this with spinach or other greens instead of the kale.
Although its tough to beat the kale on the crunch!

Tell me how this turns out for you.

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