Thursday, October 6, 2011

Basil chicken

This is a favorite with both 'G' and I . Although in a 'greatest fan' contest, 'G' would win hands down.
The girls relish it with gusto! Especially E who can smell her way to it! 
So as the cook/ chef/ meal maker Iam truly flattered and have put this many a times on our dinner table.

I absolutely love the smell and taste of fresh basil and the texture of the green onions on the palate.

So here's what I use to make it:
250gms chicken
4tbspns olive oil
6-7 garlic cloves finely minced
1 bunch of green/ spring onions- chopped fine
3 long dry red chillies-slit long
3 green chillies - sliced long
3 full tbspns of fresh basil chopped fine
3 tbspns soya sauce.

How I do it:
Pressure cook the chicken. Debone and shred fine.
In a huge sauce pan, heat the olive oil and sauté the garlic till fragrant. Add the chopped onions ( green n white parts) and toss some more. To this add the chillies and the shredded chicken. Fry. When almost done toss in the basil and soya sauce. Sauté and serve warm.

Goes well with any cuisine as a side.
We have tried it with soup and garlic bread.

The broth ( from the pressure cooked chicken) went into the soup.
Fresh basil works best for this recipe. But you can substitute 3 tbspn fresh basil for 1.5 tbspn of dry basil.

Vary the garlic and chillies as much or as little as your palate requests. We love lots of sauted garlic and spicy slit chillies.
Also you can try the more pungent fish sauce instead of the soya sauce for a more signature taste.

So here I pass a favorite from our kitchen to yours. From my table to yours.
Do tell how yours turns out.
Do you have any variations on this?

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Thank you and Bon Appetite.

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