Thursday, May 17, 2012

Cooking Quinoa

We had heard of this grain.This pseudo-cereal they called it. Quinoa. Healthy and easily blendable into any cuisine. Well whats not to try.
Although I have to confess even with all the good things I heard of this particualr grain I did not go looking out to buy.Not immediately atleast.
I just happened buy into a healthy organic food basket a couple weeks back and one of the few things in there was 'Quinoa'.
So googlings and doodlings later I decided to bookmark quite a few recipes.But no marks for quessing which one I decided to try first. The easiest one.
Even when I was only but still boiling it I knew that this would be a hands down winner with 'G' as for him the 'healthy' tag already puts it up there in his preference list.
For me other things matter, ease of availability, ease in cooking, versatility and most of all taste. God forbid I spend hours over the range and cutting board only to have something unpalatable! Even if termed highly nutrious!
Sigh! I refuse to be such a chef.Sous or otherwise.

So for the easy recipe:
2 Cups quinoa- washed
4 cups water
1 Tbspn olive oil
2 Tbspn fresh cilantro- chopped
2 Tbspn fresh mint - chopped
2 Tbspn  fresh basil - chopped
Salt to taste
Fresh ground pepper as preferred.

How I did it:
Boil the washed quinoa in the water till soft and done.
Fluff it with the 1 tbspn olive oil. to this add the salt and pepper. Add all the chopped fresh herbs.
Serve hot.

We ate this with corn salad for dinner.
Yummo! Cannot wait to try more recipes with this one here.

Ps: Use dry herbs if no fresh ones are at hand.But no points for guessing which tastes better. I would substitute 1Tbspn dry herb for every 2tbspn fresh.

Did someone tell me they fed quinoa to astronauts?!

Well...... Bon Appetit.

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