Sunday, July 1, 2012

Making healthy choices

Let's walk. Drink more water. Less oil, more fibre. Greens. Reduce sugar. Exercise!
We have been talking this for sometime now! We. G n I. But didn't really put our feet down here.
Then a holistic basket we bought at a fund raiser. A new inspiring friend!
Seemed like the push we needed.

Quinoa, chia, healthy granola snacks.
Walking, drinking water.
Rice milk, coconut water, green tea....

Are the oils completely out? All healthy? No!

The freedom we feel is cause our lifestyle is not overhauled. We still slum on junk food. We still deep fry. We are still eating most of what we used to!
But we are sneaking on salads, greens, water and exercise!

To each his own! A complete changeover would have created an emotional havoc a rebellion from us! From within!
Subtlety works for us!

Are you trying a change in your kitchen?
At your table?
In your home?

Tell me here!
Until next time eat healthy!
Bon appetite!

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