Friday, August 24, 2012

Charmburi Upkari...spicy puffed rice snack

This to Mangalore is as hotdogs are to any place in the US of A.
Available at every fair and fest stall, outside every park and temple.
A true lover of this snack I would identify the exact location of the stall in a thronged gathering , just by following my nose! ;)

My mom, made this often enough. So much so that when I now make this in my own kitchen, nostalgia reigns as supreme as basic food fanaticism !

So it was a couple days back, when we were having yet another thunderstorm, and I was readying myself to cozy up with a hot cup of jasmine tea, that this nostalgia- food pang hit!


Here's what went into making this yummy bowl:

3 cups fresh, crisp puffed rice( Charmburi/mamra)
2 tbsp fresh coconut- grated
2 tbsp onion- chopped fine
2 tbsp carrots- chopped fine
1 tbsp green mango- chopped fine
1 tbsp curry powder/ cayenne pepper
Salt to taste
1 tbsp coconut oil 
2 tbsp fresh cilantro - chopped fine

How it was made:

In a big mixing bowl, mix the coconut, carrots, onions, mango, curry powder and salt. Add the Charmburi , mix and garnish with oil and cilantro .

Serve immediate. As the puffed rice will otherwise get soggy and lose taste.
If making ahead of time, prepare the masala mix and add Charmburi, oil and cilantro just before serving.

For the curry powder you can use a basic red cayenne powder or any spice mix you have. I usually go with the sambhar powder mix I stock up on.
The coconut oil imparts that signature taste to this snack.

You can vary the garnishes, spices and ingredients as much or as little!

Will you try this in your kitchen?
Tell me how. Email me a picture.

Until next time,
Enjoy your food, the process and whom you eat it with.
Bon appetite.


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