Saturday, September 24, 2011

Cold Melon Soup.

We have tried this in variations many times this summer.
The reason I felt like blogging about this was cause I may not make this for some time now as summer seems in a hurry to say good bye this year!

What I loved about this recipe was I could easily replace the watermelon with cantaloupe/honeydew/melon.

So here is what I used to make the soup.

Watermelon 5 slices-peeled.
tbspns lime juice

3 slices of bread made into bite size pieces

1 tbspn olive oil

salt n pepper to taste

For the garnish,

1 slice of watermelon cut into bite size pieces

1 fistful of toasted almonds

Blend the ingredients for the soup.Add the garnish. refrigerate.

serve cold!


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Thank you and Bon Appetite.

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