Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sphagetti Squash Salad....

Hmmm... I had never tried this squash before.It was well...'Phoren' to me and very much like Iam, I try and stick to the familiar! Now my Psychiatric friend might want to analyse that and make her own blog!

Ahem! Anyways.I bought this squash while at Kroger, well ...for want of a better squash! But ofcourse! Why not? Decided the adventurous part of my brain!
So there I was in my kitchen, looking at a decently big sized melon like squash!

Thats when I remembered the pumpkin salad I had made of an original butternut squash recipe! Well if squash=pumpkin then well pumpkin=squash...u get the drift?

So it started.

1/2 of a Spaghetti squash.
1/4 of a red onion - finely chopped.
3 tbs roasted peanuts - chopped.
5tbs plain yogurt.
3 green chillies -chopped.
1 tspn cumin.
1 tspn oil.
Optional - pomogranate seeds to garnish.

Peel and grate the squash. Microwave on high for about 1min.Add the yogurt and salt.Now mix in the chopped onions and peanuts.Add salt to taste.
For dressing - heat oil and add the cumin and green chillis.Pour over the salad!
Garnish with pomogranate seeds.

It is so yummy we eat it just like this as a snack.Riya is a big fan!

Ps: I use coconut oil for the dressing.Brings in the extra flavour.I also put in as much peanuts as I can and go heavy on the garnish too!

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