Monday, September 19, 2011

Roasted corn with coconut-a stir fry

I read a version of this recipe in a magazine and immediately knew this is going to go down oh so well at our table!
Ok I have to confess sometimes I still want to try something cause of how it looks or cause of what goes into it!
But most times it's cause I just love it and cannot wait to eat it!
I try to make my food how we would love to eat it.
Easy, simple, tasty.

I used:
Corn kernels 4 cups
Minced green chillies 5
2 tbspns olive oil
2 tbspns grated coconut
1 tbspn cilantro chopped
1 tbspn lime juice
Salt to taste.

Roast the fresh kernels of corn in olive oil with the green chillies until brown n crisp. Sprinkle the cilantro n coconut. Add a dash of the lime juice n salt to taste.Serve warm.

Serve this as side with almost anything.
We have had it with rice, bread or just plain as a salad with soup.
Works every time!

I remember the first couple times I tried this I had corn on cob which I roasted and removed the kernels of.
I have realized it is easy all round to have a big bag of frozen kernels instead!

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