Sunday, September 18, 2011

Watermelon salad with fresh mint...celebrating the Gamecocks.

Last evening, the Gamecocks were winning against the E.Carolina 'Pirates' .
'E' screamed and did the 'winning jig'.
'R' awoke from her nap long enough to lisp,'don' scleem'.
'G' was pumping his fists while shouting some unbloggable things.
I spooned another mouthful of watermelon and mint salad into my mouth.

The salad (among other things) today was serving us well, as an after dinner, game time snack.

I peeled and Chopped the watermelon (seedless) into cubes.
Added thinly sliced cucumber with, large tbspns of fresh chopped mint.
Garnished with 1tspn olive oil and a dash of lemon.
Salt n pepper to taste.
Served chilled.

Sigh! This might be one of the last times this summer we are finding good seedless watermelons and cucumbers.
Even if we do manage the above, the mint in my kitchen pot is already showing signs of drooping n wilting!

So make hay when the sun shines! And melonsalads when the mint is still fresh.

Watermelons,cucumbers,mint or otherwise....the Gamecocks won!


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